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Trazodone, how much, how long to work, SEs?

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I started taking trazodone 100mg about a week ago for a creeping depression. I really need this AD to work out, I have been through so many that didn't.


Is the "time to work" the same time period as the SSRIs? I hope it won't be that long.


What dose was effective  for you?


I don't think I have any SEs, not even sedation. I was hoping for some sleep as I have read it is also used as a sleep aid, not only as an AD. But I get nothing at 100mg. At what dose did you get sleepy?


I have this idea that no SEs = no effects. I am pessimistic, but still hopeful, I have to be.


I am also looking for your experiences in general.



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Personally, trazodone was a complete dud. I was on 300mg for a few months and my depression only worsened during the course of treatment. It may have helped me sleep some, I'm not sure, because I was already sleeping 15-20 hours a day when I started it. As always, YMMV, and I hope it does and that it works well for you. 

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100mg's is in the usual dosage range used for sleep. I believe 25-150mg is the range usually reserved for sleep. I was on 50mg for sleep when I used it years ago. 100mg probably isn't going to do much to help depression as I think the therapeutic range for depression is considered to start in the 150mg-200mg range and higher. And even at therapeutic rangesTrazodone doesn't have a rep for being very effective at depression. It's a mild AD compared to the rest that are out there. Probably good for some mild depression/anxiety/insomnia mix but its used more for sleep than as an AD these days. Or maybe good to give as a adjunct to somebody already on another AD.


As to why its not sedating you could be offset by the other meds you are on. Wellbutrin could be definitely negating any sedation. Possibly lamictal. I don't know enough about Geodon to know if it could counteract.

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Huh. Just got taken off of trazodone today after being on it for four years. Told my doctor that my sleeping was slowly getting worse; he put me on doxepin...


Anyway, my experience:

I started taking it when I was 13 for my severe sleep problems and it was combined with a couple of other things, and it knocked me the fuck out for quite awhile. I was on 100mg until today. I'd get that "hangover" effect quite often if I had to wake up for school; I was often too tired to go. I think I took it too late.

My body simply started tolerating it over time. If it didn't, I'd probably still be on it. I have a family member who was just prescribed it last week.


From what I've read, the sleep-helping seems to be one of the only good parts of the med. It worked for me when my body wasn't so tolerant of it. Hope it works for you.

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Thanks  for your input. I have this idea that it is not going to be effective at the entry-level dose like you say, quiet storm, and I'm wondering how soon I can phone the pdoc and report no results. How long do I need to give it a fair chance?


As far as sleep is concerned I take Wellbutrin in the morning and it hasn't kept me awake before. Geodon is somewhat sedating when I take the 80mg dose at night. It used to knock me out at first. Personally I don't think the Lamictin does much of anything, (not even SEs) but my pdoc is very fond of it. I have struggled to sleep for about as long as I have been taking the trazodone and have been taking my sleep prn. I might even try taking the trazodone in the morning - that way I will know if it is keeping me awake.


I just have to stay positive about this. Thanks for your replies.

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I've seen the rare post every now and then complaining that trazodone kept them awake. Not out of the realm of possibility I guess. So you are wanting an AD that for depression and to help you sleep? if the possible weight gain doesn't scare you off how about 15mg of remeron? I'd say it has a much better chance of both working for depression and helping you sleep. Don't know how well it plays with BPI though.

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I take 200mg of trazodone and it used to help me sleep. I have been taking it off and on for around 8 years. It always poops out on me as far as helping me sleep.

I've been on up to 300mg of it.

I get used to the sedation really fast. I take klonopin and seroquel to sleep as well and I still have problems.

I don't think it has ever helped my depression. I hate to say that to you and be so negative about it.

Give it time and see. It may work wonders for you. You won't know unless you give it a fair shot.

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I am really wanting an AD. The sleep was just a nice-to-have, not essential. I don't really have sleep problems and the prn handles the odd occasions.I also need an anxiolytic, which it hopefully will handle. Zoloft, which I was on before trazodone was a dud. I hope that trazodone will somehow boost the cocktail(?)


My pdoc suggested Remeron, but it gave me akathisia when I took it (15mg) before. I also put on 10kg (I think that's about 22 pounds?) in just 2 months. I took it with Effexor, the famous 'California Rocket Fuel' combo. I had a two-month euphoric hypomania. It was wonderful. That was before my BP dx.


WCheese, thanks for your experience and don't worry about being negative. I know very well the YMMV of psych meds. I will wait and see. I just think I might need more than 100mg.

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