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Psychiatrist amused by OD and just suicide in general, WTF?!

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Saw my doctor today. Asked him to write me a new prescription on my emergency benzo (I had Klonopin), he asked why and I told him I had taken 5mg of it with quite a bit of alcohol, well, I was completely drunk. He just kept looking for his prescription book and giggled and said "But you shouldn't do that, you could die". I told him I was well aware of that, he then repeated I could die and told me how I'd die. He asked me why, I told him I was doing very poorly and really needed to sleep (I had a short manic episode). He just wrote out the prescription for a new benzo since I wanted to change and off I went.


When I first was diagnosed, I had told him I really scared about the fact that 20% of people with BP commit suicide, he just laughed at me back then and told me if I only stayed with my meds, I'd be fine, nothing to worry about. He had also told me if I only stayed on the meds and didn't go manic, I'd never be depressed again. I don't think it is that he assumes I'm not ill, I am diagnosed BP, by him!!


Am I being overly sensitive or is this just totally out of line? I felt really ridiculed. I'm moving, so there is no point in changing at this point, but I just needed to vent.....

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Weird...maybe he was trying to make you feel at ease about the whole thing or something? It's an odd way to do it but that's all I can think of.


I found myself mixing Xanax and alcohol (on purpose) and my pdoc and tdoc took it seriously. Now it scares the crap out of me to think back on it.


Maybe ask him about it? I've always called out my pdoc on things...

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I would definately ask him and be upfront. I agree maybe right now is not the best time to switch doctors as you are moving. However, if you feel that he is ridiculing you then even a short time with a new doctor will be well worth it.


A doctor should never laugh at you unless you are telling a joke :) They get paid enough money to take you seriously...

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I don't think you are being overly sensitive.  It doesn't sound like your pdoc was really validating your experience and taking the matter seriously.  Perhaps he thinks his casual attitude is comforting in some way?  I don't know.  Bringing it up at your next appointment would be a good way to clear the air and get some clarification.

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I think he has a general attitude of "don't worry, you'll be fine", especially since I am definitely "high-functioning". I think he's trying to keep me from worrying too much. I generally thinks that's a rather good thing, but when it comes to the issue of SI I find it quite discomforting, I'm not generally suicidal, but I do worry about rash suicidal actions either during mania or mixed episodes and I don't think entirely without cause. I don't actually want to die. My counselor did take the OD very seriously and we have worked on figuring out how to deal with such situations. It scared the shit out of me when it happened, and especially afterwards because I realized that with the amount of alcohol I had had and given that I just took the benzos I had, this could have easily ended very differently.


I'm not sure if I feel like having this confrontation with him since I wont be seeing him much more often. I was just wondering if I was overreacting.

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