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So I was put on 2mg of Risperdal like 4ish weeks ago? for a manic episode with new onset psychosis. It worked great for that but now I've been swinging down into depression after feeling rather normal for a couple weeks. I've been in bed since Friday and I have 0 intentions of moving or eating. My doctor wants to taper me off to see if it improves how I feel. Is depression a side effect of Risperdal? This is my first time to take it. She also put me on Lamictal. I'm currently at 100mg with a target of 200 and she upped my Seroquel xr to 450. This has been my worst episode ever and I'm feeling pretty upset about it. I was doing awesome for a while and now I can't seem to get rid of my symptoms. I hate me. My daughter's 4th birthday is on Thursday and she's going to hate me for the rest of her life. 

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