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not sure if this is ptsd but i'm posting anyways

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this morning my landlord yelled at me.


it scared me terribly, if i was able to shed any tears whatsoever i would have.  Whenever someone yells at me I revert back to my childhood where i learned that once the yelling started the hitting would be next.  Not to say my parents abused me, they hit me when i did something wrong or whatever.


I'm such a people pleaser, in part because i'm afraid someone is going to yell at me and then hit me.


I hate being this way, can anyone relate.


is this just normal reaction to being punished, or is it something more.



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I used to regress if a man (my husband) raised his voice at me.


It was trigger from my alcoholic father.  I am over that now, after therapy and time.

And sometimes I get quietly angry, sometimes I yell, but I no longer turn into a ten year old girl.

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I am a total overachiever and people pleaser, yeah. Hearing other people yelling at each other spikes my anxiety, let alone being yelled at myself. It's a major trigger, because yelling went hand in hand with violence when I was a kid too. Even if I have a disagreement with someone and there's no yelling, I have a hard time sticking to my ground and not giving in. Therapy is making it better a little at a time, though.

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