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Trying to get a payee....

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Has been harder than it really needs to be...ugghhhh


I just spent a year in a long term psychiatric instituition. I got out just two weeks ago. During my year stay I applied for and started recieving SSDI benefits. While in this place I got $100 a month of my money and the rest went to the facility.


At the end of April 2013 my worker and I applied to a organization that offers payee services to the community .I decided to go with an organization and not rely on family or friends as I have put them through enough hell. I decided to get a payee voluntarily as I know how bad my manic spending sprees can get.


Anyway the referral was sent in April. I called them today (like the fourth time in 2 months) and they said they are still waiting on Social Security. I asked "Well have you called them?".There response " No we faxed them information in early May" Why dont they freaking call them already?? Obviously there is an issue there..


Really almost three months and you still dont have this figured out??? Seriously WTF??? I am actually doing this voluntarily and you cant get it done in 3 months???


I am so fed up with themm....

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It's odd that no one is actively working on this for you.


Have you talked to the social worker that intially helped you find this org? Maybe the SW can light a fire under someone or help you chooose another org if thats possible.


I'm on ssdi and the only person I trust with my money is my sister. I'm doing semi-ok right now with handling money (hopefully this continues). But if shit goes down my sister is going to be my payee.


good luck,


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I dont have a family member that I trust or want to put the burden on for taking care of my finances. In fact both my mom & dad took money out of my savings account when I was younger and never put it back. You know I was too young to have my own savings account on my own so my parents were cosigners. They took advantage and took most of the money I had been putting away for my own car.


I am no longer at the facility where the original Social Worker made the referal. I put a call into her last week though hoping she would know who to call. I am planning to call her tomorrow again.

I dont know of any other organization that acts as a payee. I think this particular one has a basic monolopoly in the area. I will keep trying though.

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My husband is my payee (not officially, but he does everything a payee does). If I was not married I would have a payee from an organization too. I cannot handle money and I spend too much when manic too. So I totally understand what you are going through.


It sucks that that payee organization has a monopoly in the area.


And yes, keep trying and keep calling the social worker to get some help in obtaining a payee from that organization. I can't believe they are giving you so much trouble to get a much needed service! Ugh.


Good luck and keep us posted!

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