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Lamictal + Latuda for Depression?

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Been seeing new pdoc since December and the latest cocktail is LatudaLamictalRemeron. She hasn't mentioned diagnosis and I don't want to press, but are these meds normally prescribed for depression? I have tried many antidepressants in the past and they did not work.



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Commenting so I can mark this because I'm considering switching my Saphris to Latuda, so it would be a similar cocktail.  I know Latuda is approved to treat bipolar depression, so, yeah, depression. 

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Thanks jarn - i should have been more specific. Is this combo used for most often for unipolar or bipolar depression? i'm trying to figure out where she's going with a diagnosis.

Around here, there isn't a "most often." You do what works for you to control your symptoms. What you are taking can be used for unipolar or bipolar depression. If you're that concerned about a Dx, why don't you just ask? 


If you've never been manic or hypomanic then BP probably isn't going to be your Dx.

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