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Hi everyone

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Hi everyone, new poster here, I am really glad I could find a forum like this to join and speak with people with similar diagnoses and such. My first diagnosis was anorexia with anxiety and depression and then schizoaffective, I am mainly here to read some experiences with antipsychotics and other medication and try and work out what medication might work best for me. I am currently on risperidone and also sodium valproate, I don't get to many positive symptoms on this medication and the valproate helps control the mania coming on.


I have been on a few medications in the past (escitalopram,diazepam, olanzapine, abilify and seroquel) These medications helped a lot with my mental health and I feel I have almost beaten the anxiety and depression. I do get some side effects (mainly weight gain, I have shot up from a bmi of 16 to 25) and restless legs (I tend to pace a lot and sometimes cannot sit still). I told my doc about this and they asked if I wanted to change medications so I am trying to find out a AP that would be almost weight neutral and also help with the restlessness.


Anyway sorry for the long post (I am new to forums and not the best at posting), I'm going to go make a post on the AP forum and also maybe the eating disorder forum (I hope this is ok, I am no longer anorexic but I still battle with thoughts about it and my weight a lot)

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Hi, allanon, and welcome to Crazyboards.


I ask all new members to read the User Agreement, so please do so if you haven't read it.


It's perfectly okay to post in the ED forum.  You have had anorexia in the past, and you could characterize yourself as a "recovering anorexic."  I think many of us are concerned about past issues coming back and we worry about dealing with them again and again.  We ask only that you stick with the boards that you have had personal experience with, since this is a "first person" site.


Don't be afraid to contact a mod if you have any questions.



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Just wanted to add another welcome.   I've found this to be a great sit with lots of options: the forums, the blogs, and chat.  


As for your post being too long... wait until you see some of my posts!   Yours was the perfect length, and written very well.  Never would have guessed you are new  to posting.

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