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ummm...Why aren't these guys in jail?!


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Judges you suck. Adrian bayley who just raped and murdered ANOTHER innocent girl is out on bail or whatever. This is his like 5th victim. Why oh why isnt he locked up for life?

This is ridiculous... Evidence. Confession. Dead girl. Are we missing something here???

Is our society getting worse? If this happened 100 years ago in some places he WOULD of been stoned to death, hanged, tortured and put on the stick to burn and then go to hell...

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Those of us who have been affected know that conviction rates are dismal - less than 10% of cases that go to court (and the vast majority of sex crimes are unreported).

It's so devastating. But there is also a huge movement to defend rapists as not being that bad, or that it's all the victim's fault, etc.

If you're angry, please, let it take you far. Some of us have been silenced or have otherwise had our voices taken away. If you still have yours, please use it!

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