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Physical symptoms of anxiety

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Hey there Speedy,

Well anxiety can do all sorts of things to the body.

Before I started into the psych go round,  I was depressed, having panick attacks every day. I was so nauseaus that I lost about 15 lbs in a month and could only eat about 1/4 of a sandwich without wanting to throw up. Headaches were just a given... I felt awful and I can't really remember now.    I can tell you that my number of headaches now is very small.

So, I guess I can pretty much relate to your symptoms.

Hope you feel better.


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Nausea is a common physical manifestation of anxiety.

For me I tend to get tight chested, extremely agitated and quite jittery.  I also sweat a lot, and sometimes start babbling in a jibberish sort of way.  Nothing that a good hit of valium cant help though ;)

I used to hyperventilate a lot, but I have learnt some techniques to avoid that mostly.

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