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Aspergers. Used to be bipolarflower but diagnosis changed.

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Hey. I am 17 going on 18 and used to be bipolarflower but now I am this :) See I no longer am diagnosed with bipolar. I just have some issues emotionally. I just have AS-aspergers syndrome/autism spectrum disorder. Anyway when I was 3 I was diagnosed with stereotypies (Which is what stims are) and at 4-5 I was diagnosed with ADHD then that diagnosis was swapped for aspergers syndrome at 13-14. I was for the past few years very upset about the diagnosis. Angry. But now I'm okay with it. :)


Interests: History, philosophy, world and ancient religion, world geography, Herbalism, psychology, animations.


I made a new account because my other one was now uncomfortable and the screen name didn't work. 


So... hi lol



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