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My mom is crazy written by a 23 year old male trying to move out.

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I need some help.


My mom has severe personality disorders in my honest opinion.


Let me preface: I have a background in psychology. I studied it in University. I've been to a psychiatrist since 7th grade (for ADD - nothing "serious") by her. I go to a therapist weekly after the forced me to go now I've made a good relationship with the psychologist and I need him for my new job I'm starting.


OK, her behavior is erratic, not terribly erratic but enough to cause rift in between the three of us. Her and my dad and me.


Tonight, I hear them quietly arguing (I thought), nothing wrong with an old fashioned argument? Make progress... You know 1 vs 1. Nothing wrong with that, right? Well, she was basically "b*tching" him out for not watching a movie with her. She banged on his door which kind of startled me. So I thought  "damn it, what did I do this time?" (it doesn't take much) I go over to my door and listen and hear her saying "NO YOU..." "YOU NEED TO..." "WHY NOT..." "[HIS NAME]!". So then the dispute suddenly quivers away. They walk down the hall to the den. I quietly follow as I make my appearance after I hear a slap of some sort (i walked by the entrance then entered) in the den they look shocked. I ask what's going on. "Nothing", So I start to lecture, almost like a lawyer (I never do this but I wanted to be proactive for once). 


Background on my dad, he is very weak when it comes to relationships. Weak as in, a ton of stuff... he will not judge her, he will do whatever she wants, he will say to me whatever she wants him to say. I.E. "Tell him that we just wanted to watch a movie". "We just wanted to watch a movie." He so bvllshittingly says, with a "whatever" kind of tone. He will not address any problems. They are late 50's BTW. Her dad has a lot invested through my dad so he he never makes any pushes towards betterness in fear of offending here (I guess). Also, it's just how he is. Kind of a pushover.


It turns out he wanted to go to sleep but she wanted him to watch the movie. The problem is, she goes crazy (as quoted earlier) to get her away then he always gives in. Then they both lie which really pisses me off. The "everything is okay attitude." She tells him what to say, literally, right in front of my face. He kind of rolls his eyes and does it! I say to my dad (who is very sleepy) just go to bed. Says he's gonna sit there for 10 minutes (giving in). Finally he goes to bed.


I get on to her case once he leaves, long story short. She has not been seeing a psychiatrist like we thought. She has refused medication (Klonopin). She will only do 1 on 1 therapy but I thinks its more of a bullsh!t chit chat how everything is okay. She told me she was taking the medicine a few weeks ago, I ask tonight, she said she tried it then reverted to "I'm taking it." Which in court terms, that's a good defense. You see? She "taking" it now.


You may wonder why I get so angry? I take my meds (tons of them), I am proactive about my mental health. I'm always looking for ways to improve, cut back, switch stuff, ect. i think she is afraid of the stigma. Anyway, we get into an argument, lies, lies, lies.


This was not an isolated incident. Tonight's scuffle was just a little louder than usual.


Ask any questions on the story you have and would love feedback on what to do, what's this diagnoses, if one, ect. I could expand even more but I'm tired and I'm starting a new job tomorrow which I should be happy, but I'm preoccupied with this. It pisses me off.









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Hi Cardinal,


Unfortunately this is not the right board to talk about other people's mentally interesting. We are a first-person site.


NAMI would be a good place to ask about how to effectively interact with your mom and her erratic behaviors.

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If you had read the rules before posting in this subforum, you would have seen my carefully written post, entitled "Please Read BEFORE Posting" here: http://www.crazyboards.org/forums/index.php/topic/51843-personality-disorders-board-read-before-posting/


Which clearly states:


If you are in this sub-forum because you would like to know if someone you know has a personality disorder, or because you would like tips on managing your relationship with someone with a personality disorder, you are in the wrong place.


The Personality Disorders sub-forum is reserved for supporting people with personality disorders, not their friends, family, acquaintances or anyone else.

It is not a place for people to make negative remarks about people with personality disorders. Just because you've encountered an asshole doesn't mean they have a personality disorder, and not everyone with a personality disorder is an asshole.


Therefore, you are in the wrong place.


Also, unless your "background in psychology" includes a PhD in clinical psychology or a related field, you are actually not qualified to diagnose other people with a personality disorder.  And even if you did have such a PhD, you still wouldn't want to be diagnosing your family members.

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