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Anyone have any insights on alcoholic induced double-vision?


....(Edited for facepalm content written in my sleep..at least I hope it's some form of sleep.  Frak.)..


All ideas are welcome.   Don't worry about hurting my feelings or disagreeing. 

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Cetkat -


I can't speak to the effects of alcohol as I don't drink (and you shouldn't either on meds *wags finger*) but I have had double vision since it first manifested itself in the 8th grade.  Are you quite certain there is a 100% correlation with alcohol, or have you ever experienced it without alcohol?  If you ever have or do, I would recommend seeing your eye doctor.  Double vision can be related to opto-muscular issues, or it can be the result of more serious neurological conditions that warrant examination.




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Hard to say.. my memory has me going to bed before this post.  Going from general memory, alcohol does seem to have the potential to cause wonky vision - as does any med that lists visual changes as a possible side effect.


My eyes are fine.  I had a pretty comprehensive exam on them recently.


Of course now I find myself wondering if vision changes are a part of the memory lapses/altered states that seem to be overcoming the Strattera.  I suppose that possible insight is a good enough reason to make a random-ass post here that even I had trouble following.  I don't think there's any way for me to really know.  It does add a possible symptom to the Neuro eval I'm getting soon, however.



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Just a similar word of concern.   Mixing booze and MI meds is a hotrod ride to hell.   If your drinking and it gets band enough that your eyes are crossing>   Wow.....   Serious stuff.

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Yeah, the more I think about it, the more I have to think about.  I could see just fine when I stopped drinking and went to bed (and I know I didn't drink more because the amount left hadn't changed).  So, although I do get blurry vision on occasion when I'm very drunk.. I don't think this was actually that.  I also didn't feel crappy enough the next morning.


The advice about not mixing MI meds and booze is sound.


However, the only med I'm on is Strattera, and it has never had any noticeable direct effects at all, alone or with alcohol.  Actually, that's kind of a problem because it makes it really easy to forget to take it.  I'm not sure it was even in my system at the time.  Slightly comforting oops there, but not comforting enough.  It used to keep my memory intact, lapses or not.


I may be dismissing the blurry vision too easily, but I know my brain is good and my eyes are good.  If it's a real symptom, it's one that likely has to do with something I'm already trying to solve.  It may just be good to have the data.

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Sorry I've overlooked this thread.  Diplopia can be associated with Grave's Disease.  By any chance is that your thyroid issue?  And Strattera is fundamentally an antidepressant in its action.  As such, it can have unpredictable interactions with alcohol.  Moderation, moderation, moderation, und so weiter.....

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No problem.  I have hypothyroidism without any physical abnormalities to the thyroid, so no Grave's Disease.


I think predictability in a single person builds with use.  If I had just started it, I'd put it in the interaction column.. but it has a long track record in me for being fine.  (Actually more like positive.. if I'm going to drink, I want it involved.)  I'm also less wary of mixing the two because it's not actually being used for anything mood related.  Individual results will of course vary however.


I do realize I'm drinking too much.  Part of jumble I removed did mention being concerned that this was some sign of general bad-stuff.  I'm normally rather moderate, but circumstances are quite difficult at the moment.  Unfortunately, self-medication is the only medication right now.  That doesn't keep me from worrying about it though.  All things considered, I actually think that's a good sign.

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Continue to worry.  I only know you from this forum but you seem rather brilliant and drinking has a nasty habit of making people stupid.  Me need brain.  Too many much drinking when I were a youth...  ;-)   Trust me I am know...   Actually all kidding aside I was always the guy that picked up all the drunk school friends and drove them home.   *Or in one infamous case to the front porch where they rolled around into the bushes.    How could I do that?  Well the obvious answer was that I was in a rush to get back into my car filled with puke...   Sigh....   And that smell never leaves when they do it INTO THE AIR VENT!!!


Drinking and smoking are sooooooo my parents thing.  And drugs were even more sooooo much older brothers thing.  I'm glad they were a bad influence so I didn't need to wake up in the bushes or with my head stuck in the toilet seat.


Continue to believe the rice krispies but never go coo coo for cocopuffs...

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That's sweet.  Thanks Hal.


I will always worry, doubt, and analyze to death.  That's who I am - especially when it comes to something like drinking or addiction.  Sometimes I come off as having a problem simply because I worry I may have one... but that's only because I'm not afraid to question it.  Time and again I come to the conclusion that that's just not in me.  Perhaps the sane thing to do would be to leave it at that, but I drag it up again and again.  The fact that I know why I'm drinking.. and that's it's not even about the drink.. and that what I really want is not a stop-gap (which drinking is).. If I weren't afraid of the thoughts in my head, I'd simply stop - or at least stop using it the way I am.


I know it's just a reaction instead of the problem.. even if I react to it.  I just have to push the desperation down.  It tends to work well for that.


I wouldn't let it kill brain cells, don't worry.  My mind is more important to me than anything else - it's what I have left after all.  Assuming any are getting lost along the way, those amounts are nothing compared to what depression and stress are doing.


Anyway, puking isn't fun... and thou I get past much of that by sticking with high-quality, I'm certainly not in the "booze won't make me sick" area.  When it comes to real abuse, I'm a lightweight.  That's how I prefer it.  I'd rather be lucidly drunk than shit-faced.  That shit has zero appeal to me.

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Its trouble when you don't think about addiction or abuse that the real problem starts.   And according to GDoc (Who is A #1) people mostly have a personality that is Addictive or they don't.    Worry about Addiction seems like the non addictive to me but???


An honest attempt to make Cetkat laugh.......


Drinking to Excess or Music.   Music... the worst possible self abuse.


WARNING - Anything that sounds like a suggestion or tip from me must include this warning.  These ideas concepts / babbling really might be the dumbest thing you could ever do.  But....   That said....   About drinking.   If your are going to drink?   The Good Bombay Gin (The blue stuff)   None of this  "Johnson's Gin or Vodka"   And if its scotch make it Johnny Walker black label so at least if your going to get buzzed it won't be on the cheap stuff...   


Better yet - here is a non booze related idea that lets you do all the crazy crap that drunk people do but you don't have to be drinking to get away with it.    It helps if you had a very torrid romance.  Like one that goes from the highest high to the lowest low. Drinking?   I had done that been there and because it never seemed to work as "well" on me as my moronic friends so????   That right!  It time for you to turn to music.   And the worse your at it the better you will feel.   Musical revenge!!!   Cetkat and the Revengers?   Like take the "Blues" but make it loud with less singing and more loud statements of how you got them lawyer blues and how sick you are waiting for the weasel train to come to town etc.  


When I did this I was allowed supposed to play a piano (I took lessons that I apparently forgot)  so they provided a drum set and drum sticks which I took out my aggression on until I started breaking drum heads.    *Ask a drummer.   You have to be like insane retard level crazy strong to do that.   And its not the way your supposed to play the drums.   So I played the Guitar (Tuned to bar cords) with the drum sticks.  Which was good in that no one else had ever tried playing a guitar like that.  But again...  Too hard and the Guitar didn't hold up so....   The microphone and dismal songs of depravity asking interesting questions like where Capt Kirk went and observations on my dislike of everyone but in particular the people in the warm up band, managers, ex girlfriends, and so on.   It saved me a lot of money on booze and I think it worked better then any of the mental happy chemicals I'm prescribed.   Damn I've got to see if I still own an amplifier that works.  It might be time to get the band together!   


So whatda think?  Do you want to sing lead, background or just be that chick thats mega chilling on the bass in the background looking like she is bored to hell until they hit some song where she rips the mic out of the singers hand and starts screaming about injustice, or beauty contest winners who don't take baths?


For GODs sake say no no and no and keep going to school...   ;-)     When school seems like a drag just imagine being in a smoke filled room that smells like vomit and your ears are ringing and the special effects start your best friend on fire.


Ok, you have to be feeling better.   Right?


Well we seem similar in picking a thing to bits trying to understand it to death or worry ourselves to death.   I think one reason I've had less trouble with things like drinking is that nothing seems to work on me unless its in large amounts.  Prescription stuff also seems to need to be industrial levels to work. 


And if you really insist on drinking - remember the wisdom of my old man (a 100% Irish gent) who said puking was a waste of perfectly good booze.   Hey it worked for me.   If you want a (I'm glad I'm not this dipstick) Here is my current obsessive issue.  I take 4mg of Valium (As needed) which as of late has been a little more often then not.   Lots of social, work, money, relationship issues.   In other words the nightmare of being in the universe.  (Which was a song - "I am in the Universe") which was on the "hey lets narrow it down" recording sessions.  Anyway as you can no doubt tell I'm due for a med check and take the every 3 month (Hey- come on.  Don't you have any desire to kill yourself yet?!?) test.   One issue I've NO problem with.   Other people??  Well sure.. but me?!?!?    (ok just kidding)     Anyway I'm freaking about asking if I can go to 5 to 10mg instead of 4mg of Valium.  2mg did nothing.  4 mg?  ahh....   2x zero is still zero.  And if I understand the normal amounts prescribed 5 or 10mg??   Thats all a big giant tinfoil ball of nothing.  But worry?   Of course!  And I don't even know what I'm worried about?   Like what might happen?  Will the Valium police kick in my door?   Ooo another song that writes itself....


So to keep this as random as possible.   I think a song about doing what the Rice Krispies tell you to do would be great.  Except I did a similar concept but it was about listen and obey the Sock Puppet.   *Who was clearly smarter then I was.   And try as I might my attempts to make a song that was 90% a list of Mental Health meds has failed.   Because...   Well how do you even SAY some of these things.  And what Rhymes with Nortrityline or Risperdal?   Maybe keep it simple and say "I got the Xanax Blues...   At least thats what I've been told"  yeah....   it all just writes itself....   Ooo  And how about a song

1 to 5 how does it feel to be alive?

1 to 10 please rate your pain and please STOP THE CRYING (And repeat)

11, 12, 13, repeat above and do it again!  

*Which test would that be?  Anxiety?

Its another session...   about your depression.

Blue pill, red pill take as needed.

I was feeling better but now I'm screaming......

*Background singers chanting he took the pills he took them all too bad they were his sister's birth control"


You feel better yet?!?!?!  


Damn I hope so...   thats all I've got...

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I'm doing ok.


I saw the neuro & the active EEG was clean.  Everyone seemed quite confused at the whole thing.  The biggest take-away is that they don't think it's seizure related & isn't caused by alcohol or medication.


For now, I'm going to be kind to myself and keep a death grip on my Strattera.

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