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WAY too much benefit from Topamax for psych stuff. possible epilepsy?!?!?

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I am supposed to have undifferentiated schizophrenia and some sort of mood disorder. i suppose for whatever reason i fake bipolar. i have rather recurrent depression with very very seldom phases of mild hypomania but i force docs to put me on huge doses of mood stabilizers dont ask why i don't know why. intuition?


Anyways. I have done EEG like 3-4 times and they are all ok. recently i was in my home country and some taxi driver told me about a very good neurologist and as opposed to germany where every single neurologist is also a psychiatrist (for whatever reason) in my home country it's not so. so i went to a pure neurologist and got my self checked. guess what everything (blood, EEG MRI all normal) but she said my seizure threshold looks a tiny bit low (I was on lyrica 150mg lyrica, 200mg topamax, 100mg lamicat along with zyprexa and amisulpride (An AAP). basically it shouldn't be low. At the end she said you look neurologically perfectly healthy but what the hell try 300mg topamax for 3 months and look if you feel better. 


AND BOY DO I FEEL BETTER. it's just 100mg more topamax.

I used to be extremely disorganized which i thought is a psychotic symptom. compleptely gone.

i used to have the attention span of a grass hopper. now i'm a genius compared to then.

my memory was so crappy and now i need to dial a number twice and i learn than number by hear FOR EVER. i had problems to dial a number from paper back then because i couldnt remember what i have just read 500 milliseconds ago (for gods sake)

I never knew whether i have taken my meds or not. now i know how i have taken them in the morning (like whether i have taken the lamictal first or the solian.)

I actually know what has happend this morning and actually even  yesterday. ( i didn't know before and i was so confused that i was not aware that i don't know)

I actually know where i am and who i am  (or what i am for that matter) when i wake up in the morning.

I dont feel that i'm run over by a train in the morning when i wake up (did i have seizures in sleep or something???)

I used to get exhausted very easily. like 1 hour of being outside or at a party. and cot all kind of symptoms after that like dissociation and paranoia and basically becomming a useless piece of flesh which is not capable of anything beside talking jibberish and mean stuff and nodding. now check this. i woke up at 4 am. had a trip to airport. had a flight for 5 hours. had a very rough ride to for 3 hours. jetlag included. and afterwards i was full of energy and no sign of exhaustion at all. topamax is not supposed to be good for schizophrenia. and i'm not even really bipolar to begin with. what is this??!?!



polar bear


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FWIW a lot of medications can lower the seizure threshold. In matter of fact, most psychotropic medications do. And that could have been what your neurologist has found.


How long have you added the extra dosage? As well, have you stopped or decreased any other of your medications? These are a couple questions to ask yourself & your doctor to figure out if going the epilepsy route is something worth while.


Something to consider: a reason the increase in Topamax is working is that it may be psychosomatic.


In my experience schizophrenia &/or psychosis and seizures have very different symptoms. Granted some depression & other mood symptoms can be a part of epilepsy, however hypo/manic & psychotic symptoms are not as common with epilepsy. As well, when mood & other mental health symptoms occur with epilepsy, they show differently & do not cycle like most bipolar (or mood) & psychotic disorders.


It could be possible that seizures are causing your symptoms & Topamax really is helping the cause. However, before you make any decisions to stop or change your course of treatment make sure all the these questions & concerns are identified. Because the treatment for epilepsy & schizoaffective are very different.

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Topomax is a miracle drug for me. No one here was talking about it much and I did some research. I asked my doc to try it after the depakoate and seroquel caused a large build up of ammonia and I and to go off all Meds for a while.

It also seems like you are playing a game with seeking your own Meds and diagnosis

Please be careful .... These psych Meds can screw you up if not properly monitored

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I am using it for migraines and the control of PTSD symptoms. It has been a miracle drug for me

When I started the menopause the PTSD got worse with the drop in hormone levels and the migraines picked up as well. The topomax is so much better a mood stabilizer for me it is incredible

I also do not have the food cravings

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My sister just developed chronic migraine, and Topamax was like a silver bullet. It was the first prophylaxis she tried, and I wanted to strangle her (well, I usually want to strangle her, but now the bitch is just asking for it). (joke, in case that wasn't clear)


I didn't know they used topa for PTSD. Interesting.

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