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I'm not a flamer, I'm an inferno.

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Hiiiiiii...I'm not completely new but it is about time I made one of these. I've read the user agreement a couple of months ago when I joined, but I should probably read it again.


I'm the black sheep of the family.

I'm hyperactive.

I am a twin.

My blood type -AB

I'm gay

I have three brothers

I travel at all given times to places in the middle of the night

I waste money...a lot of money

I'm a shopaholic 

I go clubbing every other week.

I'm dependent stimulants...borderline addicted.

You either love me or hate me

I'm an extrovert

I'm spontaneous 

I'm really serious in the morning and afternoon, and in the evening and night I'm the complete opposite

My diagnosis is Bipolar Disorder&Personality Disorder NOS but now my psychiatrist is focusing on Substance-Induced Mood Disorder

I am obsessive when it comes to medicine and research

I sleep 3 hours a day

My major(s) in college is Pre-Med/Bio & International Business

I'm taking summer classes in my hometown

I'm an adrenaline junkie

Being hospitalized traumatized me

I'm secretly neurotic.

I don't drink often, but when I do - I go all out...I love rum, vodka, and wine.

Crazyboards.org has become my therapist and my new addiction

I love my mom more than anything

I run almost everyday

I love music.

I live on my own with my brother and his wife at the moment

My favorite show was Desperate Housewives and I'm now into Revenge

I volunteer at my local hospital, I do this only when the volunteer coordinator really needs help.

I love NYC

I live in NJ

I'm a vitamin and supplement junkie

I love anything made by APPLE

I befriend almost everyone

My favorite color is green

I'm not superstitious 

I believe in having the ability to change your fate

I'm dramatic...when it's called for


If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million. 

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Until now I half thought that my psychiatrist was making Personality Disorder NOS up, haha. Glad to know I'm not the only one out there diagnosed with it. (I mean, not glad, but.... well, you know what I mean).  Welcome to the board, even though you joined before me ^-^

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