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Lamictal Geodon Neurontin Lyrica

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Hi LittleJen!

Glad you posted. I'm sure between all of us here we can help you find some answers.

From what I know, Lamictal 300mg is about on the upper side of average. I just started lamictal, my doc says we'll go up to 200mg and I'm very med-sensitive.

As for side effects...well, in my opinion, when the side effects affect your quality of life more than the condition that the medication is supposed to treat, then it's reasonable to call it quits. That point will vary for every individual.

Can't help with the rest, but i'm sure someone will come along that can.

Good luck, and keep posting!

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I've tried Depakote, Lithium, Lamictal, Topamax with no mood stabilizing effects.  Any success on others??  Help!  Please.  ;)  


Well, the question would be what symptoms you are treating.  Is it both mania and depression or just one?  Sometimes combining mood stabilizers can help when one alone doesn't work.  Have you tried any APs besides Geodon?  There are several to chose from that may work better for you.

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I'll join the "Welcome" party!

I've also read on other threads that dosage level for women MAY sometimes be higher than for men if birth control pills etc are involved. Apparently issues with clearance times for the meds.

Don't know about the other stuff. Still looking!


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