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adhd comorbid with ?

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so.  i'm adhd.  i'm sure of it.

i am also sure that there is a seasonal aspect to my mood, as it is generally worse from november through march.

now, here's where it gets tricky:

for years i had identified my mood as "depressed" and now i am researching a bit more, and i realize that my main problem is anxiety.

it can be social, it can be general, it can be obsessional, it can be agoraphobic at times.

i also have a minute motor tic.

the skin picking has been omnipresent forever.

SO.  now to my question.  i think.

maybe the adhd board is the wrong place to post this, but given that adhd is often comorbid with tourette's, ocd and anxiety, i am wondering who here has adhd and one of those, and how you were able to tease it all out, and what has proven to be the best treatment for you.

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i tend not to worry about what behaviour emanates from what condition.  the best treatment has proven to be good ol fashioned ritalin.  I tried dexedrine but that was disastrous.  A regular ol SSRI will probably help both the anxiety and the ADD, and maybe wellbutrin since its amphetamine-based.

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sometimes, like for BP, it was essential i get this diagnosis.  i was not reacting well to SSRIs.  i would say it's less important for me to know whether i have ADD or whether i have acute attention problems related to BP.  either way, ritalin helps both the BP and ADD symptoms. 

doctors are increasingly diagnosing via prescription, meaning if the drug works the diagnosis fits.  if this is the case, the fact that you got something working for you is more important than the dx, until that drug stops working for you of course.  I feel comfortable letting my doctors make tentative diagnoses, like for OCD, but i suppose that since i get free meds, i can be a little more lenient.  Also, i tend to be less experimental when i need to be fully functional for school or work.

i tjink what i'm trying to say is that a dx really only matters to me if it effects my treatment or my pocketbook.  In the end, i don't think i care what i *have* anymore.  I'm happy being crazy.

[note: happy is purely a figure of speech.  offer void in utah.]

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