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What is your goal for today?

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Nothing, really. It's my no-worry weekend. I already cleaned the cat box. I might dust a little and do some laundry, if I feel inspired.

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I got a pdoc appointment this morning. My goal is to get her to agree to 3 things:

1) I want/need to go back on an AD

2) I'd like to up my Abilify back up to 10mg for better control and stability, especially if working with the AD; or try a new AP in its place as it seems an awful lot of mood stabilizes have a horrendous effect on psoriasis.

3) Get back to work lookin for a good ADD medicine.

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My goal for today is to not be anxious at work. I have no more FMLA left this month and can't take an occurence, plus the 'wife' gets home early today and would wonder why I'm home, and then get mad when I told her. 

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    • By angel_heart
      When I look at the thread "What is your Goal for Today?" I regret starting it; I thought it would motivate me to accomplish things. A daily reminder of how I should set goals.

      It hasn't. I simply reminds me of how I can't seem to make plans and follow thru with them. This morning, I look at the thread and it saddens me.

      They're things I have to do, things I should do and things I would like to do. I ask myself what is stopping me. I don't have a positive answer to this question. Laziness, bad habits, low initiative, low motivation, or my MI.

      I'd say it's a combination of all five answers. How pathetic is that? It's pathetic and I am making myself feel bad.

      My goal for today really isn't a goal. Is driving to my tdocs' office a goal? I don't think so.

      This morning, I have to shower, find clothes to wear, put on make up. And those I will accomplish b/c I have to.

      The clothes on the chairs, the dishes in the sink, the laundry, tidying up, going someplace should be my goals for today. They're not.

      What I can manage is to go see my tdoc with clean body, clean clothes and make up on.

      I'm impressed with others on here who can make a list and accomplish them. It would be nice if I could too.
      But I'm realistic; I won't accomplish much today.
      Damn it.
    • By writehellarandomshiny
      I've quit soda before, but only the caffeinated version. Now it's my goal to go off all soda entirely, eventually. My goal is to make it to June 28th, cheat on my vacation (until July 6th), then go totally off it again. 
      I was wondering if you have any tips for quitting the soda. I've been having a lot of trouble with not drinking it lately. I let myself cheat on vacation and found myself going back to having four cups a day. Obviously, that's not healthy to maintain over time... so I was hoping you all had some support even though it's not alcohol. 
      Any advice appreciated. If this is in the wrong forum please let me know. 
      Just trying to figure out how to start again.
    • By vondick
      So here is a TedTalk about a woman who is also a game designer, who got post concussion syndrome and turned her recovery into a game. I went into it thinking that it was probably going to be really dumb, and at the start of the video I sort of hated her voice and hated her for being so cheery (I must be PMSing because I'm really usually quite cheery myself and certainly not this full of hate hahahah)
      Anyhow, in the end she won me over and made me smile and I think I'm going to try this absolutely ridiculous game called superbetter.
    • By vondick
      -To Function. * To be able to make a list of things and complete it. To Pick something I want. And do it.

      - A plan. To get me there.

      - A Psychiatrist.

      - To work. On my mental health- before I hit rock bottom.

      - To stop self editing, to learn to self advocate, or at least gain the confidence to do so.

      - For someone to finally hear me. And not placate me about how smart I am or how well I appear to be coping, because it doesn't help. And I need Help.

      This is just something I wrote out for counseling homework this week, and to get the thoughts out of my brain felt really great. I feel like this is solid, like I am communicating very clearly.
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