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diarrhea.... gross I know but...

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Ok.... this is kinda gross but eh, we're mature.

Ok, so way back when, for the past couple of years at least, I've been the kind of person who has a bowl movement maybe once a week, or even once every two weeks. I never worried about it.

Then a couple of weeks ago [at the time I'd been taking Lexapro and Seroquel for several weeks] I started having a soft stool every day.... ok....

Then I had a -very- watery stool every day.... umm...

Now for the past 2 or 3 days i'm having 3-4 watery stools every day.... ugh!

Not to mention the gas... blegh. And lets just say that when I have to go... I have to go NOW!

What I'm wondering is, is this some twisted late side effect from the lexapro or seroquel? I know this stuff can happen when you first start, or when you raise the dosage, but i'd been steady at my dosage for about a month when this started.

Or, is this something else that I need to see my GP about? Should I see him anyway? Gah I hate doctors...

If it matters, I also started wellbutrian xl more recently, but this was happening before then.

Gah, someone calm my poor stomach!

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Speaking from experience........

I thought my kids were giving me a stomach bug every day...and I was suffering with it every night...you know what I mean....

finally went to a GI and after some blood work etc it turns out I have a gluten allergy.


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