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Stratterra, Lexapro, missed a day, ACK!

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I missed a day. ONE DAY. And today I feel bloody awful. I slept ten hours straight (when I normally sleep, oh, I don't know, maybe three and a half in two spurts?) My body feels like it is trembling and I am abnormally sensitive to everything. Not to mention the rabid mood swings, happy to not-happy to psychotic KILL KILL KILL to curl up in little ball and disappear.

I am not doing well.

(And I am worried becuase this is not how I normally feel when I miss meds; I can skip my Lexapro without problems and can usually miss a day or two of the Strattera with no problems. But not today. Why the sudden side effects? How long will they last? Did I just make myself worse? Are the drugs not going to work anymore?)

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You should feel better once you take them again and you body has a chance to adjust.

As long as you're not on a huge dose to begin with, you can double up on the Lex. dose, taking it in the AM and PM to make up for the missed dose and keep blood serum levels from changing much over the next few days.

I wouldn't try that with the strattera though.

It's also the time of year when people just start to get sick or feel crappy for no reason.  Yay.  The holiday season is upon us.

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