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What have you done impulsively lately?

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I just thought I'd start this thread so people can share those moments when they were impulsive.

I thought it would be helpful to write down when impulsive so that we become more aware of our tendencies to do so when manic or hypomanic.

So what have you done impulsively lately?

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Well, two mornings ago I woke up and impulsively decided to cancel my tv services.  At the time it made sense b/c I wanted to lower the bill.  

Now, two days later I miss having anything to watch on tv.   


I now need to buy an antenna and just watch whatever channels I can get.  It was quite impulsive b/c i been with the tv service company for over a decade and a half.


Silly me. :wall:

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Sounds like a rather smart idea to me as companies charge way too much anyway! Maybe you were thinking about it for a while, so it was not as impulsive as you think.... I do not watch TV anymore now at all and find I do not miss it at all. (Especially the commercials.) It helps that I have Netflix online though, because I can just watch whatever I want whenever, and it is a lot cheaper - I think I pay $8 a month.

Just remind yourself of how much money you will be saving, and of how you won't have have your brain assaulted by stupid commercials :)

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Thanks Lavenders (my favorite color), I really appreciate your input.  I'm looking for an decent on-the-roof antenna and  am getting Netflix.  My bf has an used antenna and we're going to find out how many channels I can get.   


I will save over $55.00 a month and, you're right, it turned out to be a good idea after all.

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Thanks Melissa, that's sweet of you to write; I enjoy reading your posts.  


Sometimes it cheaper and easier to order off Amazon; especially if you get free shipping.   The other day I ordered some things off it and saved a lot of money and time. 

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Thanks Melissa, that's sweet of you to write; I enjoy reading your posts.  


Sometimes it cheaper and easier to order off Amazon; especially if you get free shipping.   The other day I ordered some things off it and saved a lot of money and time. 


Thank you :)


Actually, if I had waited I could have used my food stamp card and it would have saved me $10 + shipping.  I'm not too worried about it though I guess because I have spent a lot more money in the past doing the same thing. 

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i used to smoke cigarettes for about a year and quit about a year ago but i'm pretty moody right now so i decided to go buy a pack this morning. i smoked 1/3 of one. then 1/3 of another like 4 hours later and then gave the rest of the pack to a homeless man because smoking is gross right and why am i doing this to myself. then maybe another 4 hours later i decided to buy another pack of cigarettes and i smoked probably 1/3 of one cigarette from that pack. 


don't know what to do with the rest

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Impulsively: I started getting Violet a BarkBox. It comes once a month, with a toy, some treats, usually something for the human (an awesome silicon paw-shaped dish, which can go in the oven and the microwave last month), and a bunch of treats. Totally fun, a surprise every month. It covers her treats for the month, pretty much, and keeps me out of pet stores, which is a disaster, I buy everything.


I think cancelling cable is a really good thing, and I don't mean that in a "Oh dear no, we are far too sophisticated to watch TV" way. We cancelled it when we went onto disability, and we have found free video podcasts (Rachel Maddow, if you like her, for instance), funny podcasts (Judge John Hodgman is one, he is on the Daily Show with John Stewart Occasionally), Aisha Tyler (who is my girlfriend) has a great interview podcast, I recently listened to the RuPaul interview, which was dipped in awesome-sauce.


If you are willing to pay up front, you can get the Stephanie Miller radio podcast for around 50 a year; you can also do it monthly, it it is too large of an outlay. The same with Randi Rhodes. We also get the Young Turks, but that is pricier, $10 a month, which is expensive, but we like that show, and all of the podcasts we pay for still are miniscule compared to monthly cable bills.


I really like the BBC Friday Night Comedy Hour, but you have to be up on British politics, a bit.


Netflix is awesome. There was an exodus, because of some stupid changes it made, so you might want to check out Blockbusters, but we are happy for the moment. We also use Youtube a lot, especially for complete music concerts (Radiohead has a zillion of them up, for instance, and there are others).


To be honest, we are surprised at how little we miss tv. I can watch things like Downton Abbey on PBS.org the day after they air. I seriously can say that we haven't really noticed.


I haven't been super impulsive. But because of my headaches. I can't leave the house that often, so we do order a lot from Amazon. And I probably add things I shouldn't.

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You guys make me smile.

Crtclms, I too didn't have cable for a long time when I was single. I didn't miss it one bit! But my husband loves TV so we do have it now. I don't watch anything though. Don't have the concentration for it! I do sit with him while he watches something though and I knit or go on the laptop.


And angel, I have been guilty of giving way too many presents in the past as well. Oops! But I'm glad he accepted them. And congrats on your 6 month anniversary!


As for me, I spent $100 on yarn recently. OOPS! I will use it all but still. That's a crapload of yarn when I already have two stands full of yarn. GAH!I really didn't need it anyway, because I could have used something from my stash. But I just loved the colors and textures of the yarn I bought!


I also dyed my hair and it is black/deepest brown. I always do something with my hair when I get manic-y and impulsive like. I want to chop it off but I've waited so long to grow it out and my husband said I shouldn't cut my hair so I wont. LOL I want it to be long anyways as I'm in another wedding in sept. I want to get it in an up-do!

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Wonderful Cheese, how do you store your yarn? I have no idea what to do with it. DH ruined my sterelite containers, which weren't that great, anyway, just a drawer full of disorganized yarn. I have been scanning the internets, and can't figure out what would work. And I know when I finally get to the local yarn shop, I am going to go apeshit, I haven't purchased yarn in months and months.

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I just bought two chairs for my living room.  I don't really "need" chairs - if you define need as I have to have them because I have nothing to sit on.  I "need" them, because the ones I have have been torn up by the kids, and I want nice looking ones.  For when we have company, so I no longer need to explain or apologize that my kids are heathens.  Turns out, what I bought means that I will need to recover my sofa and another chair (which actually, I need to do anyway because of the kids, again).  And I may need to replace my rugs.  And the wall art.  So it's not just about buying two new chairs.  It's all the other things I will need to spend money on to get it all to match.  


I always give way too many presents.  Especially at Christmas.  Although last year, I did 75% of it on Amazon, using Prime for free shipping.  Most relaxing Christmas season ever.   

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