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Effexor XR Update

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I'm beyond lost on the other Effexor thread so I'm starting a new one; just to update on how I'm doing on Effexor XR.

It has helped my PMDD and social anxiety. I still have generalized anxiety, and the Effexor seems to have either aggravated my ADHD symptoms or counteracted against my ADHD meds. This is a problem on the school front.  I can't focus worth shit to study or get assignments done or even get to the -one- inperson class I'm taking. 

I was recently given a prescription of Clonazepam for as needed usage.  My pduck was annoyed about giving it to me but crying = getting what I need so that's what happened.  I've taken it once and oohboy, it's nice.  It makes me feel weightless, well not weightless, but "light".  Nice...

I still am not sleeping great-- as evidenced by me writing this at 5:17 am, an hour after I got up and an hour before I needed to get up.  But I might go to a free clinic to see about Trazodone or Seroquel.  And I'm going to need to drop Abilify because I didn't bring up keeping it once my pduck was so aggravated about giving me Clonazepam.  I figure though that Seroquel might take its place...

Other than that not much else.  How is everyone else doing with their Effexor?  I just like I said before can't make heads or tails of the long thread and my ADHD mind doesn't have the patience to try.

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Hi Ahalo...

I like Effexor.  I was really worried that I wasn't having any s/e (haha)as then I thought it wasn't working.  But - it seems I can "handle" life better...things don't upset me as much (or so I think...) but hey..that's good enough for me!!

I am sorry to hear about your school woes.  That must be hard.  Hell...school was hard enough for me and I don't have ADD/ADHD.

Why is your pduck so difficult?  Like, doesn't he want to *gasp* help you?  ;)

What do you take for your ADHD?  Have you tried anything else that might work better with the EFF?

There's always something that can make it better...


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I am still on 75 mg as well.  My pduck seems to want to keep everything at a minimum, and of course drop it if the minimum doesn't work.  Sigh.  I ramped myself up to 75 mg actually.  He'd have had me on 37.5 for a month but I was for that.  So just called and asked for 75 mg refills and that's what I got.  He doesn't seem "with it".

I take Methylin for the ADHD and the thing about it is is really helps keep me from overreacting and being incredibly impatient-- just right now I'm not getting the "effort" or "concentration" part.  I'm afraid to stop taking it because I like it so much.  But if it doesn't do all it's supposed to do-- either nothing else can, or something else can... toss up that I don't know if I should take.  I've not heard the greatest about Strattera, but that is one option. 

Right now i'm dead tired.  Must sleep for awhile....

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