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Hi folks, second post on Latuda. I've now been on it 7 days and have some side effects to report.


* General feeling of being pissed off. I haven't blown up at any one, but I am just generally mad at everyone about everything.


* Increased appetite.


* Constipation (I'll take this, as I have serious IBS and maybe over time these two will even out).


* This one is crazy: my breasts are SO sore. I checked the paperwork the dr. gave me and this is a legitimate side effect. I had a hysterectomy 9 years ago, so it isn't hormones. But I mean, mad sore.


So even though I am pissed off, I actually feel less depressed. My energy level, focus, and productivity are increasing.


I guess this is a good reminder that these are powerful drugs, and we have to just wait out the adjustment period. I actually took one dose of Latuda and then quit, then waited about a week and started up again. I committed to giving it at least 6 weeks.


take care all,


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LexFlex, yes I take it at night. I expect these side effects to fade, but I *always* get side effects, starting and stopping, any medicine. I don't know why but my body seems to be really sensitive. It is encouraging to hear it worked great for you!

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