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So I see my pdoc yesterday and shared with her I still feel some depression. After talking over some options, she wants to taper me off Geodon and add Paxil. I took Paxil about 5 years ago for two years and did mostly well with it. However, I was taking the medication when I went manic and got fired from my very lucrative job. 

I start the Paxil today and I am just a little concerened I will become manic on it. 

Also, before starting Paxil, I suffered from SA and Paxil pretty much cured me from that. I went from being very anxious before speaking to not thinking at all before speaking. Anyone have any Paxil experiences? 

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I took it when I was around 13 and felt very good on it. I felt less anxious and less of the OCD. But I stopped taking it for fear of weight gain (had a bad ED back then). I wish I would have stayed in treatment but my parents never sought help for Me after that. Ugh.

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