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Hi, another newbie

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Hi all,


I have posted a few times already but I hate introductions so I held off but I guess I should do the right thing and introduce myself.


I am female, 42 (as at March 2013), have been diagnosed with general depression and anxiety in the past but can't recall what else the shrink said as I didn't stick around, didn't agree with her entirely.  I suspect I have bipolar (non-psychotic) but I am planning a trip to a psycho doctor and we will see what comes out of that! Have been on lots of different meds, can't count or recall all their names; now on Seroquel (currently at 100mg/day of XR).  Just started the Seroquel at the 100mg dose, was only on 25mg and discovered that I am a real b**ch, moody, grumpy, plus some of the other seven dwarves.  I at first blamed the med but then realised that at 25mg, that was probably inaccurate, d'oh!


I have a son with Asperger's, dyspraxia and who knows what else at this stage as he is only 6 as at April 2013.  I know where the Asperger's comes from ;)


Well, I live in Australia (South) and work part time (2 days per week) in a radiology practice as receptionist/transcriptionist (the office manager is a real pain at times too).  Have worked in a hospital, government department and a few other medically related jobs in the past.  My issues caught up with me in my mid 20s, as did discovering that I was myopic and needed glasses. 


Okay, enough of the boring info.  Hi ya'll!

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Welcome to Crazyboards!  We have many members from Australia, so you will find some of your countrymen (and women) here and there on the boards.


I hope you like being here and find it useful and supportive.



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