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Did my pdoc basically do nothing?

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MY pdoc raised my abilify by 5mg. He decreased my Effexor by 37.5mg.

The more I think about it the more I don't want these med changes. It will double my cost of meds. I'll need three effexor tablets instead of two. I'll need two abilify pills instead of one. That's another $50 in meds per month with insurance and mail order delivery.

Not to mention that he did nothing for my sleep. And I don't think such tiny med changes are going to help me be less manic. For fucks sake I've only had 3.5 hours of sleep today!

Did my pdoc do nothing but increase my cost in meds? We cannot afford this. I'm so pissed!

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Give it a chance, it could be that little tweak you needed. I am able to sleep better after a good med tweak. I'm sorry it costs you so much. That doesn't make it easy for those of us who really need the meds. Does the pharm. company have a discount program? Some do. I don't know how you get eligible for that kind of thing?

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I agree that you should give it a chance, though I'm surprised he didn't do anything for your sleep. 


Maybe this little tweak will be enough to bring you down? Give it a couple days. 


I'm sorry it costs you more money, that's really crappy. Like wj74 said, perhaps there is a prescription discount program you can take part in? 


If your symptoms haven't calmed down in a few days, then I'd say call your pdoc. 

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The price of Abilify is criminal. I don't think this will work for you, because you are not a new patient, but Abilify does have some kind of 6 month coupon, which brought my copays all the way down to $60. Pfft. The most expensive copay I have had in my life. Let me see if I can at least find the site, if I remember it isn't the main site. Even if it doesn't help you, other people should know about it.


Okay, here it the website, which I had to figure out, but hidden in there are some kind of discount.



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I've been on both of these in the past and got my meds for $6 each time I filled. I think there is a program with each med for cost. I am not 100% sure if it was through that or through my facility, but it's worth a shot to look.


Good luck.

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I always remind myself that med changes take weeks to really take effect. You're probably not going to feel much better in a couple of weeks, but if you switch anything *again* in that amount of time, you'll never figure out what is working or not. Speaking from personal experience.


sorry my signature isn't set up correctly:

cannot take abilfy or lamictral, started Latuda 3 weeks ago. Also take lithium and Depakote.

From a long line of bi-polar women.

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