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Hello! I'm H., a.k.a. Ophelie. I'm 16, and I suffer from anorexia nervosa (though I suspect I'm developing bulimia, with my recent patterns of compulsive eating and laxative abuse... I see my psychiatrist on Tuesday, so hopefully I'll get my diagnoses brought up to date!), major depressive disorder, Asperger's syndrome, and insomnia. 


All my life, I've been something of an elephant in the room in the lives of those around me. I'm prone to screaming, crying kick-offs; bouts of anger at myself and others; self-injury, including overdosing, cutting, scratching, and hitting, going back to when I was 6 or 7; chronic detachment from myself and my situations; and a curious belief, which I've never spoken to a psych about but probably should, that I can in effect change things that have or haven't happened by lying about them and making myself believe the lies.


When I was 15, after a two-year period of especially severe self-injury and starvation, I was sectioned and sent to a youth psychiatric unit. There, I was introduced to various medications, some of which got on with me - aripiprazole, chlordiazepoxide; some of which didn't - olanzapine, fluoxetine; and some with which I got on all too well - er, diazepam. I was discharged eleven months later. Since starting these medications, I've improved a lot, and am today more functional than I've ever been. (That said, I took a near-fatal overdose of sertraline last month, but I escaped being sectioned again on the understanding that it was a "blip". Um...)


Of course, I'm a person, not a list of diagnoses and scrips, so I'll make some attempt to introduce myself as one~ 

I live in Scotland. I grew up in an extremely remote household, both physically and emotionally, and, whilst I love my family dearly and don't blame them for anything, I don't think it could have been the best thing for my mental health. At school, I take English, maths, chemistry, physics, French, classical Greek, and Latin. I enjoy French, Italian, and Japanese cinema, as well as the odd bit of my own country's and America's. I enjoy all sorts of music, but especially baroque and impressionist music; I'm interested in visual arts, such as painting and contemporary art;  I adore literature, and love to write; and I like semicolons too much for my own good. I'd like to be a psychopharmacologist when I grow up, as the chemical & physical causes of mental illness and the interaction of substances with the brain and mind fascinate me.

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 Welcome to Crazyboards.  Please read rules when you get a chance.


We have an active board for people with eating disorders, so I hope you will check them out.


Good luck.  I'm glad you came here.



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Hello! Nice to meet you. I'll certainly check out the ED board, along with the mood disorder board and the aspie board. It seems there's a sleep board, too - maybe if I leave it open when I go to bed, I might sleep...

Is your avatar your dog? I love dogs and cats; they're irresistible to me. I'd love to have one or both, but my mother doesn't feel that i have the responsibility for a pet.

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That's my little dog Finley.  I couldn't have a dog when I lived at home, either.  As soon as my husband and I established our own household, we got our first dog.  :)  We had her for 17 years.


Dogs and cats are the best.  (I have a kitty, too)


It's nice to meet you, also.  I hope you like us.



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