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remeron and the taste of food

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Hi Seripd---I can't answer that question personally, but my mother has been on Remeron for two years and she doesn't like the taste of much of anything anymore.  Can't be very specific, but when she spits out chocolate ice cream at me, I can be pretty sure her taste buds are changing. (She has advanced Alzheimer's).  Of course, she also calls me Gloria (my name is Sue).  Is Remeron the kind of antidepressant that piles the weight on you?  Do you have an increased appetite or decreased?  (I'm thinking of trying it myself, but after years of trying different ones, I always ask about the side effects first now).

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Guest ~Aurelie~

when i was on remeron i gained 30 pounds in 3 months, which i'll add, I lost pretty quickly after going off of it.  i also had what another poster said about waking up in the middle of the night hungry and i never had that before.  i don't remember actually thinking that food tasted any different, though.  hmm. 

on a positive note, the remeron got me out of a very serious major depression (along with hospitalization) and also worked well for my anxiety which had been through the roof.

i guess it all comes down to whether or not the good effects outway the bad?

i hope the remeron is helping you feel better.


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