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From selective eating to anorexia to bulimia(?)

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I suffered from aspie-related "selective eating disorder" (as my pdoc at the time called it - not sure if that's in the DSM or ICD!) for much of my childhood, from the ages of about 3 to 12. At 13, I was diagnosed anorexic, and at 15 I was sectioned and hospitalised for it. Today, one month after being discharged, I fear that I'm developing bulimia. I eat compulsively, uncontrollably, even though I don't particularly enjoy food, and take 6 to 10 senna laxative pills daily.

I next speak to my pdoc on Tuesday. What should I tell him? I've never binged before, so this is very embarrassing. I feel horribly guilty to an extent that my previous EDs never touched.

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I know that it's hard to bring up, especially when you feel really guilty. I think that you should, though. If only because if someone else knows about it, they can help you to resolve the shame that you feel. As well as working on the compulsions.


Also, do you know what laxatives do to your body? Or what the long-term effects are? Do you think that it would be possible for you to cut back on their use a little bit?

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I've told my pdoc and tdoc. It had to come out, eventually, pun not intended, after my mother dragged me to A&E (who promptly turned us away), shitting blood. 


They seem to think I'm not BN, but, rather, AN, b/p type. Well, that's what my pdoc says, but my tdoc has it in his head that it's BED. Ah, well. Whatever it is, I just want it to end soon! :(

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