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I don't know what to expect from Latuda. No, no consistent hallucinations of any kind but since switching over from Haldol, I'm more...agitated, irritable, revved up occasionally, things are ultra sharp, colorful, loud...I've been on it about a week and have one more week of samples left before I see pdoc again. I'm on 20 mg now, he'll probably want to increase it, but I just don't know.


The reason  I went off Haldol was because I was manic and pdoc upped it to 1 mg/day versus 0.5 mg/day. At 1 mg I had tongue tremors, just like I had on Abilify after quite a long time on it. All I want is the Haldol again. 0.5 mg, where I had no tongue tremor.


Maybe I need to give Latuda more of a chance? It's hard to afford and though pdoc said he'd load me up on samples so that I was only filling the script every few months and that he'd write it so I actually got 2 months a time. I can't depend on that though, what if he doesn't give me the samples? Then I'm screwed. I have to hope that the rx for either 40 mg, half a tab per day, or whatever he ups it to, half a tab per day, will come out below $75 so I can use the savings card.


Whatever, I'm just rambling. Just wondered what other people's experiences with Latuda are. I've heard so many that love it like none other but though I have NO side effects (unless it's causing my irritability/revved up/agitation/things being so sharp/colorful/loud), I'm skeptical of it.

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I consider it to be my miracle drug and i found it sedating at first.  I am not bipolar, though.  If you were manic before, could the irritability and others be remnants of that?  It might be worth it to give it a bit more of a try.  I have no positive symptoms on it and i think it improved my negative symptoms, too.  I think it increased my energy once the sedation wore off.  

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