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I think i'm having flashbacks of hallucinations, or maybe hallucinations that feel like flashbacks.  They feel familiar like an event on repeat, and then i'm in and out trying to figure out what is going on


does anyone get what i'm asking 




has anyone ever had full body hallucinations - i.e./ i was in hosp because i od'd wed, and what i oded on caused my hallucinations to increase in number and whatnot   so the sitter would describe that occassionally i would get lost in a memory or a flashback memory hallucination thing and my eyes would roll back in my head and i'd be out of it for short periods of time.


I feel like that sometimes now too, when i come out of it it's like i've been held under water for too long and i'm gasping for air as i break the surface


did i screw up my mind further,  are my hallucinations going to be this intense from now on. or will they go back to there basic level freakiness

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Could the flashbacks be related to your PTSD? Or are they hallucinations that feel like flashbacks? 


I agree with Cheese, and I hope you can find a good tdoc. I'm so sorry you OD'ed and had to go to the hospital. Please take care of yourself. 

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