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I'm not sure you can credit alcohol for getting rid of hallucinations. Actually, drinking alcohol is probably not a good idea when you're on all the meds you are currently. 


How about calling pdoc in the morning and finding out about getting a prn AAP? That will probably be a lot more useful than alcohol.

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zoe, when i was younger i went the "drinking to get some peace" route.  and it seems so logical to try and drown them out.  and it kinda worked a few times and then when it stopped working it was worse than before and i reacted by actively attempting to get blackout drunk as quickly as possible--that drinking progression was in the course of less than a month. i ended up only drinking heavily for a couple of months but i'm super fortunate i didn't end up an alcoholic then and don't have a substance abuse issue.  most aren't so fortunate and end up with dual diagnosis. i will also note that detoxing from alcohol can induce psychosis--an unfun fact we learned concurrent with my brother in law's alcoholism being exposed.


i wish i could light a fire under the ass of your entire treatment team so they'd be a little more motivated to work with you to find a better plan.

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When i was first diagnosed I drank a lot while my doctor tried to help me find the right kind of medication but i was limited to only haldol and navaine since i didn't have insurance.  I drank almost everyday to lessen my voices but for me they would come back 10 fold the next day so i ended up in a cycle where i had to keep drinking.  Trying to hold a job to get insurance wasn't easy and it was dangerous.  I finally found the medacine that works for me but i lost my job.  Thankfully they told me about a med assist program and now i currently take latuda 60mg and viibryd 40mg.

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