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seroquel + latuda = ?

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so all the meds in my sig are to help depression (yes, including lithium) and only after that as mood stabilizers because i have very few hypomanias and a lot a lot of depressions. previously i took abilify in addition to the meds listed, but that stopped working at 15 mg after a couple years so i got off it no problem and nothing happened. 


my pdoc is thinking latuda in addition to the seroquel which i take for depression.


any thoughts on the two together?


i am currently in a pretty bad agitated depression. all the meds i am on work really well but i think i'm missing something. 


thanks for your input.

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Latuda may help. It certainly was activating for me. I had to come off of it because of it making me manic. I wanted to stay on it because it felt so good. Pdoc didn't like that idea much. 

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