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At work tonight a co-worker asked me for a ride home. I didn't agree but I guess she assumed I would since I didn't directly say NO.


Anyway, this was an hour-and-half before the shift was to end. I was freaking out this whole time planning how I would get to my car without this person noticing. After person asked me, I snuck out to my car and drove around the building a few times to find a dark place to hide at the back entrance so I could make my escape when shift was over. And I did. I left a few minutes early, clocked out, and ran to my car. I was so scared. I still am but I am calming down.


My fears are...


the fact that I don't like strangers in my car or touching my things

the fear that they will find information about me and where I live in my car and than proceed to use said info against me or to track me down

the fact that I don't like driving to unknown areas

the fear in general that all people are out to hurt me or exploit me...


Is my fear and reaction to this situation rational? My BF said I was acting kind of crazy...


I am just so SCARED and PARANOID all the time! :(

I just wish people (especially at work) would NOT talk to me, think I'm their friend, or interact with me AT ALL! JUST LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE! :(


And I am SO scared this person is going to read this, know it's about them, and become angry and hurt me or worse!

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Let's talk some sense...those reasons are not based rational mindset when you think everyone is out to get you, and you could have made up some excuse of why you couldn't and saved yourself the all this anxiety...


But of course if you are paranoid, it's irrational...and sometimes people realize it is, and sometimes they don't


This person will not read your blog, or track you down and hunt you down or anything like that. They may just be a slightly annoyed, or not mention it at all. You could say something came up if they do bring it up.


I know I brought this up before but it's upsetting you aren't medicated because you can't afford it...it's not right, and I feel nothing but sympathy for you. Maybe some cheaper alternative is out their medication wise....anyhow good luck. 

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