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Lowering Pristiq from 100 mgs to 50. Should I expect withdrawals?

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Hi guys!


This is my first post here.


So I talked to my doctor since I've been waking up feeling lightheaded, dizzy, foggy-headed, which makes me unable to function for OURS.

Note I also take Ritalin for ADD. Since starting Pristiq about 10 months ago, I noticed it worked less.

Anyway, long story short, I hope that the side effects are lowered and I don't get any crazy withdrawal symptoms from going down to 50 mgs.


Anyone had any experience going from 100 mgs to 50 and would like to share it?


Also, I'm thinking about taking 50 mgs on the morning and then, supplementing with 3 quarters of a 50 mgs pill (to a total of 87.5 mgs) every 4 hours through the day, to avoid withdrawals. Then, lowering the first quarter until landing safely in 50 mgs.


What do you think???

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Hello and Welcome!

I am currently taking Pristiq 50mg. Unfortunately I don't have any experience with going down from 100mg, but if I were you I would consider asking my doctor or pharmacist about splitting the 50mg pills. I know I was told not to split Pristiq as it is time released.

I hope the lowered dose works out for you. Again, welcome and I wish you the best!

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Even though splitting Pristiq isn't advised, I was forced to in order to wean myself off on short notice. I split one 100 mg pill into half, and then split two others into quarters. I'm four days in to weaning myself off; two days at 50 mg, and the next two at 25 mg. So far I've experienced no withdrawal symptoms, except for maybe a little mood instability. Probably the biggest thing you MAY notice about going down to 50 mg is not physical symptoms, but the impact it has on your mood. Good luck!

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