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Can unipolar depression cause Grandiose delusions as coping mechanism?

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I just "noticed" that i could be indeed very much depressed (instead of negative symptoms of schizophrenia theory.) I have guilt attacks over minor stuff that happend years ago and yell at myself over them for example. and that doesnt go well with flat affect of schizophrenia. Basically I have every single symptom and reason to be depressive, either with schizophrenia or without. long story short, schizophrenia with severe depression makes now waaaay more sense than schizophrenia with massive negative symptoms.


So the thing is, after reading this paper on depression (sorry it's in german) i noticed i have somewhat grandios Ideas. which according to the paper is a sign of psychotic depression. the story goes like this. the depressive person thinks "I will be rich and famous an a super star someday and I'm not going to be dependent on others anymore". and that's psychotic according to the paper.


The thing is, i was doing the exact same thing. I was fantasizing about making dubstep music at my PC and becoming rich and famous every day since one month. the thing is i haven't turned on the PC since then. And i also fantasize about going to medical school (and they WILL let me in if i wish) and become a psychiatrist. I sometimes practice explaining stuff to imaginary patients (they dont talk back dont worry.)

And i have also had REAL delusions but interestingly enough, those real delusions which lead to the diagnosis of schizophrenia where also ALL grandiose delusions.

1. On the first day in the university, i thought everyone is interested in me (as if i'm the most important person in the auditorium ) and i have to say hello and shake hands with everyone. (they were MANY)

2. I thought i have caused that volcano that stopped all aviation and i thought by doing that i had caused the US to attack Iran (which at that time i wanted to happen).

3. I thought I'm a great inventor and i have invented some real shit (i have actually plans and shit) and i will patent them and i will be a millionaire. (well this one could as well be actually a fact and not a delusion.)


So as you see all are grandiose delusions. Since i read in the german paper i can no more produce this mild grandious ideas (like humming dubstep rythms or pretending to be a psychiatristt) and I'm so FUCKING MUCH MORE DEPRESSED. like some sort of escape mechanism has been taken away from me. like i'm naked and exposed to depression fully......

Is it possible that i'm just making up this delusions to run away from my depression and i'm actually not schizophrenic? have you had such delusions? the theory makes very much sense to me. combatting depression with the opposite in the form of delusions..... what do you think? any similar experiences?





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Well schizophrenia and psychotic depression are harder to really differentiate but of course they are similar but still inherently different. A psychiatrist is usually able to differentiate with a good amount of accuracy based on how you present yourself, after careful observation. 


Psychotic Depression is experienced inside the mood change in that case depression; they resolve once the depression has lifted, and usually with medication. 


While schizoaffective/schizophrenic psychosis occurs without the mood disturbance being the sole cause....but the tricky part with this is that schizophrenia causes "negative symptoms" that almost mirror depression...


What you're describing with delusions sounds more like eccentric unrealistic behavior and thoughts, but I don't see it as purely psychotic. Dreaming about riches or grandeur is common in many disorders so you aren't alone...but if you are just limited to delusions as you have not mentioned hallucinations...perhaps delusional disorder could be something you could look into.


Also keep in mind when trying to differentiate between psychotic depression, all the literature I've looked over points out that in schizophrenia the personality is very much effected negatively, and isolation isn't unusual. While psychosis in general is damaging, certain people who experience psychosis, are usually very much still "themselves". 


"If someone experiences psychosis they have a break with reality. A psychotic episode (a phrase used interchangeably with psychosis) includes symptoms such as hearing voices, believing in things that are not real despite evidence to the contrary (delusions) and paranoia. To be diagnosed with schizophrenia, an individual must have experienced more than one psychotic episode, along with other symptoms, within a six-month period."


"Psychosis is a sign, while schizophrenia is an illness (or group of illnesses). Psychosis may be a symptom of schizophrenia, and possibly other mental illnesses, such as bipolar disorder.


If somebody swallows a substance and has, for example, hallucinations, that is psychosis, not schizophrenia.

It is like the difference between having a fever or influenza (flu). Flu is the illness, while the fever is a sign. Fever, as with psychosis, can be a sign which is present in other illnesses."



Sorry for rambling, Adderall ;)

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 I am wondering (and this is a question), if someone is having a delusion, would they realize they are, or believe it so fully that it would be reality to them? If my thinking is getting paranoid, I can recognize when it starts happening, but is it the same with delusions? Would someone know what they are thinking does not reflect reality?

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I don't completely understand, but are you asking if you have schizophrenia with severe depression or schizophrenia with massive negative symptoms or psychotic depression or just plain old vanilla depression?


edited to add that which should go without saying: if you are feeling very much depressed and having delusions, please be in contact with your doctor.

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no no i'm fine just "moderately" depressed (the kind of moderately that sucks donkey ass but wont kill you). i'm mostly talking about past experiences and about diagnosis possibilities. I'm also not delusional right now. i have an ap. next week and doc is on vacation right now so no possibility to go to him right now. but also no need.

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