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if you have any please give me some. They are so bad right now. I don't know why I have such a hard time with the voices, it seems like most people don't have this much difficulty. They keep telling me to cut but I threw away all my supplies and I don't want to go to Walmart at 11pm at night to get more. I hate them. I hear some people hear pleasant voices??? That must be nice. I have never learned to live with mine. Been hearing them since I was 9, I'm 32 now. It sucks. I'm trying to listen to music and it's helping me somewhat. My husband went to bed about 30 minutes ago and I do NOT want to get him up. I've been doing that too much lately lately and he needs his sleep.

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I'm sorry you're having a hard time.  Have you told your pdoc?  I'm glad you aren't listening to the voices ... don't let them suck you in!


When the voices are really bad for me, I try and drown them out with music.  It can also mean I am tired and/or stressed, so I make sure to get enough sleep and try to lower my stress level (if I feel stressed) any way I can, usually with meds and TV (or whatever I want to do at that time).

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Sorry to hear you are having a rough time with your voices right now.  I heard voices persistently for 5 years.When they intensified and became unbearable, I found that listening to music helped. I also found that talking to someone made them go away. I usually didn't hear voices if I was having a conversation, so I'd look for someone to talk to or call someone. Sleep was helpful since I didn't hear voices in my sleep. Anti-anxiety medication usually helped too. I know that's not really a coping strategy, but it lessened the intensity.The only thing that made my voices go away completely was finding the right  treatment: a combination of medications, ECT, and gaining weight ( I was anorexic). It's been a year and a half now since I've heard voices.

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