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Why does it take me so long to learn simple tasks?

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I just started a part-time job, and it's embarrassing to have to have things shown to me or explained several times, especially simple things like folding a box.  It's also hard for me to go at the pace that employers expect.  Mostly though it's just humiliating to look stupid in front of people.  I have an IQ of 136, I know I'm not stupid, but it's like I can only figure out cerebral things and not mechanical tasks.  I've always been so miserably bad at retail jobs, yet fairly good at things like receptionist work, not that being a receptionist is cerebral.  I wonder if the tasks that one encounters in retail and factory work use the same parts of the brain as math does, because I have dyscalculia.  I just wish there were a way to remedy it.  Is this a typical thing?  Do others have this issue?  I'm schizoaffective and I know short term memory (mine is horrific) and attention span can be compromised.  It's not something you can tell an employer about either because they'll just hire someone else rather than spend a little extra time and care training you.  Ugh.

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