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Any dads on the board?

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I was just wondering.  I sometimes see topic about child rearing, but they generally seem to be mothers talking about motherhood, sometimes even specifically asking for input only from mothers.  I was just wondering how many other fathers their are on the board?  I've got a couple, both in their teens.  


Just wondering.

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I'm a single Dad. Have been for 11 years or so. Both boys, both seniors this year, 17 & 18. For their graduation present I am taking them on a 7 day cruise in the Caribbean next June.

It's been fun (and a lot of work & money!) watching them grow up to be good young men.

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ONce I made it clear to everyone that I was the dad, not "mom lite", everything really started running smoothly.  My son came to live  with me and over the last four years, we've had so much fun, especially when his sister comes over.  Its worked out really well, about the time I went on SSDI, we pulled them out of the school system and have been doing a kind of homeschooling, and 90% of the frustration in life just melted away.  (Their mom and I are really excited, because it looks like they are going to be tall.  He's already taller than I am and she is closing in on me)

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