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Greetings to Everyone

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Hi All..

I just found this board (what a refreshing change) as many of the other ones seem to scare the hell out of me.

I've never been diagnosed officially with anything kind of been too scared to go to the docs, but I suffer a lot with Anxiety, depressions etc.. and basically got myself into a bit of a mess, and accidentially dependent on Benzodiazapenes (small dose) I'm currently tapering slowly off them,  I read a lot of the other forums, and they were just full of horror stories and made everything seem 100 x worse. I liked the different and much more positive vibe I found here, and also the humourous and down to earth, open and honest way the board is presented.. soo..

Thanks to Everyone for contributing to what seems like an Awesome community, and I expect I will be spending quite a bit of time browsing here.


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Martin, welcome to Crazyboards.  I ask all new members to read the User Agreement, just so you understand how we operate.


As you have probably realized, we are a pro-treatment and pro-med site.  I hope you will consider seeing a psychiatrist at some point soon so that you can have an official diagnosis.  It would also help to have a health professional assisting you with this taper.


I'm glad you found us and I hope you like it here!



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Thanks for the Welcome and yeah I am on the path to seeking Medical assistance etc, and well, basically want to get fully back on my feet. So thankyou, and for the welcomes.. and may I wish everyone else all the greatest success on their journeys too.

and I will not how the forum operates (I love the humour too) which makes a refreshing change


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