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metabolic syndrome from bipolar meds?

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has anyone out there been dx'ed with metabolic syndrome b/c of side effects from bipolar meds, specifically AAP's?


i'm on abilify and due to my lazy depressed self and cravings for carbs, i've put on over 50 pounds in 3 years. i don't exercise, and i went to the endo for the first time today to discuss my thyroid, which turned into me possibly having metabolic syndrome on top of everything else.


i'm terrified, and i don't know where else to post this. any advice on what to do (besides diet and exercise) would be great! i feel like i've reached a point in my life that a big change is about to hit- can't go on like this, treating my body this way.


thanks kids.

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Hi daisy...


I don't have BP, but was on an AAP for PTSD for a while. I gained about 40 pounds in a relatively short period of time. I'm also genetically loaded for metabolic syndrome to begin with. It makes me want to cry sometimes.


But... I've been diligent about accepting that these are my risks and taking small steps to "do something" about it.


All the research I've looked at had two primary interventions: 1) keep a food journal so you know exactly how much you're eating. This kind of sucks big fat rocks because when I do it and don't even make active efforts to improve my nutrition, it makes a huge difference... and 2) some people find that metformin can help.


I've lost nearly 20 pounds over the last three years and am still hoping to get back to where I was before I started the slurroquel.


I also have to check myself a lot about emotional eating, and whether I'm just thirsty or actually hungry.

One of the effective things I did was to see the nutritionist at my clinic. Her services are free. Initially I didn't like her much. But after a while of moving toward a more "whole food" diet, I saw some changes that were sustainable and I understand her logic more now.


The good news is that you might be able to reverse the metabolic syndrome by changing what you eat... by focusing on more plant-based, whole foods... whole grains instead of refined, etc.


My doc thought she was going to have to recommend cholesterol meds, but after 6 months of eating oatmeal in various forms for breakfast, my lipid panel looks remarkably improved.

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I definitely was diagnosed with metabolic syndrome.  I gained a lot of Depakote and then on Seroquel.  I have now reversed it.


I joined Weight Watchers, followed the plan, greatly increased the fruits and vegetables, walked a little bit, and drank a protein shake every day which has ingredient designed to lower cholesterol.  truly, It has 2000 G's of plant sterols which the NIH states will lower cholesterol.


So I lost 23 lbs so far, my glucose is normal, my cholesterol went from around 250 to 150!  And I lost a size.


You could do this.

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I don't have Bipolar I have schizophrenia.  I've been on AP or AAP therapy for a long long time.  I became diabetic while on Fanapt.  I quit the Fanapt and lost some weight and it went away, for a while.  I'm at the same weight and off the Fanapt but my blood sugar keeps going up.  Regardless of diet, medication, anything but insulin.  So I am getting tested for LADA I think.

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