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I Like This Place Already...

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I'm kind of a refugee from those 'support' forums full of ultra-sensitive people essentially whining about how horrible they feel and desperately needing a shoulder to cry on, but unable to take any dosage of common sense or logic in handling their situations. All I had to do was read a couple of posts and topic descriptions here, and I knew I'd be signing up. I don't need the shoulder to cry on hardly as much as I want to be able to really relate to others like me.


Diagnosed at one point or another with depression, GAD, Bi-polar Type 1, Bi-Polar Type 2, then Bi-polar NOS (LOL--and the funny thing is, I don't believe the Bi-polar diagnoses are proper). I've battled a few substance addictions and addictions in general. Proud to be recovering from alcoholism and several years of methamphetamine addiction, but unfortunately both left my brain a little fried. I went off the deep end a couple of years ago and made a few psych ward and mental facility visits. Not proud of those. But happy to report that I'm functioning much better now and bouncing back, although still not reaching the lofty heights I envision for myself on account of being my own worst enemy.


I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels that way--so that's why I'm here.


I'm 35, married with 3 very young ones all age 2 and under. The kids are probably the easiest part of my life, honestly. I work a crappy job that I basically had to take on my slow rise out of the ashes. We had to leave our home of Las Vegas last year to stay here in a crappy po-dunk town in upstate NY with one of my best friends. Basically, both my husband and I were too unstable to manage when we left. We're in much better states mentally now, but our situation is awful. We live in a house with a shit ton of other people, some of them kids, all without an ounce of respect in their bones, and have been slowly ostracized and antagonized from the rest of the dwellers here for reasons we don't even understand.


There's a lot more to everything than what I just wrote, but I didn't want to bore anyone in my first post. Basically, life in general is exhausting at best, intolerable at worst. I'm seeing a therapist for some mental health guidance, but that's about the extent of what we've been able to accomplish on that road since we arrived here in NY. The mental health system here sucks. Both my husband, who has paranoid schizophrenia, and I need stabilizing meds, but are surviving day-to-day smoking weed. We intend to get right back into the system in Vegas when we return, which, thankfully, will be less than a month from now. Departure date, September 30th. We are anxiously counting down the days.


I guess I'm just looking to BS with others like me; people who have a more realistic/physiological approach to depression and its counterparts than an overwhelming, 'WOE IS ME' thing. I'm a functioning depressive. Although I sometimes feel like a victim of circumstance, but don't we all?


Thanks for reading. Hope everyone's day's going well so far.

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Hello and Welcome to CB!


Congratulations on leaving alcohol and methamphetamines behind you.  It sounds like you're in a really tough living situation.  So you and and your husband are unable to see a psychiatrist and,   therefore, unable to get the medications you need?  You might post about that on the boards and see if anyone has suggestions.  My thoughts are disability, Medicaid and finding a clinic with a sliding fee scale.


We ask all our new members to read the User Agreement so that everyone is on the same page.


Please don't hesitate to contact a member of the staff if you have any questions or concerns.

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Thanks to both of you! I'm going to take a better look around now that I have the opportunity. And I'll read the user agreement again a bit better than I did, LOL! 


The county we currently live in has been difficult with our attempts to get Medicaid or the likes. Only Medicaid covers psychiatric care here, and not the financial aid the hospital provides. The hospital here is so small it doesn't even have a psych ward in the ER, and the county doesn't have a mental health facility at all. The clinic is only for insured in some way, shape or form. We keep getting denied for Medicaid for ridiculous reasons--paperwork we've not been given or told about not being 'fully filled out' and such. It's been a nightmare. But we plan to apply back home in Clark County as soon as we can. Nevada has a much better mental health system, and we were able to get our meds and care paid for by the state because of indigence. At least that's what we're in hopes of until I can get health insurance with whatever employer I end up at. My husband we will be attempting to collect disability for because he has shown an inability to work over time. But this county's been no help to us whatsoever. Only reason we won't pursue it now is because we're--thankfully--getting on outta here.

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Welcome to CB miss Neon ^_^  You will fit in & relate well here. Especially to me where cynical, sarcastic & crazy is a motto (or at times a battle cry).


You have a lot going on ATM so I hope CB and its members can help out a bit on the support front.


See you around ;) Cheers.

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Thanks, it was a long time coming, but I do feel a whole lot better without polluting my body with all that crap.


Yes, the system here is almost non-existent and continuing to shrink, sadly. I don't think depression isn't a problem in these rural areas, but it's much less prevalent than in the big city. In Vegas we had access to some great resources, so we'll be able to tap into them again.

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