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Healing My Inner Child

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How do I do this?

 I know very well how to be a submissive, obedient, clean, dont leave the lights on, pick lints off the carpet, do the dishes until I say there clean, shut up and sit there, cry yourself to sleep every night kind of child. 

I dont know how to be an adult though. I cant keep a job, cant pay bills, cant keep a car on the road, cant keep friends and have tumultous relationships and poor eating habits.

I do know that stealing, cheating and lying are wrong.


I have never felt like an adult EVER and Im 45 years old.

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I'm sorry you are struggling so hard right now.


One of the things I did to help comfort myself at one point was to find an image of a child being comforted. I used it to remind myself how I wanted to be in relation to myself when I felt distressed.


After I made some images myself, I also found a little sculpture that I got for myself from this lady's shop. I don't see the one that I got being available anymore.


I did a lot of work negotiating with myself about not ignoring my needs, and making space and time for those tender small parts to show up.

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