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Ok, I just started new meds this week and I am hoping they start to kick in soon.  I just went from Welbutrin 150mg to 300mg.  I am also taking Buspar for anxiety.  I have recently relocated and the doctors here don't seem to keen on prescribing benzos...although that is all I have ever taken to help with my anxiety and panic attacks.  I switched to Buspar because I was given a prescription for Vistaril and I couldn't function when I took it...it literally sedated me.  My question is how long will these take for me to notice a difference?


I guess I should have stated that I am dealing with PTSD, depression, and extreme anxiety that sometimes can turn into slight paranoia.

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I'd give it six weeks. Minimum. If you aren't feeling any better after that period of time let your doctor know. If it's unbearable certainly mention it earlier but you really need to give the med time to work and that seems to be the magic number for a lot of folks. It may help a lot sooner but to give it a fair chance, go with the six weeks.

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