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Hi Ya'all I'm a newbie here - I have never used this forum before but I look forward to trying it out!  I was surfing the net & found a link to a question I was looking for & already started to like this site.  Long story short I decided to join. 

I posted just a blame opening at first,  when I started looking at what everyone else wrote. About themselves, their life, and their health issues.  So where do I begin..

As you can see by my picture & name I adore jeeps.  Anything to do with a jeep is fair game for me.  I own a 2004 Rubicon & I built it myself - if you look I even have my long arm lift painted pink.  I'm not close to a girly girl...just because I like pink. 
I love to work on my jeep & my cars. 

I have two children, a boy who is 5 & just started Kindergarten and a 3 & half year old daughter.  My son usually is with his dad, but my daughter is almost always with me.  She's one of my best friends. 

I work at home as a claims adjustor. This doesn't promote meeting many new friends, but I love working at home.  I'm not really a social butterfly anymore, I think staying at home has played it's toll on my social abilities. 


However, the reason I joined this site was more for my health matters.  I ran into this site surfing the net on Pamelor.  Despite the treatment reasons, I was put on it just recently for excrutiating migraines, when I decided I couldn't handle the reactions of Topamax which I was on for almost 2 years.  I hated the confusion and forgetfulness caused by topamax.  Topamax also stopped working for my migraines & I wasn't ready for an increased dosage. 

I also suffer from extreme body pain, which was diagnosed in the last year as Fibromalgia.  I suffer from many issues & was diagnosed with extreme anxiety, depression, mood rate disorders, ADHD & ADD.   I take Cymbalta to help with the Fibro & for my issues with my moods/anxiety.  With Xanax & ambien as prns. The Cymbalta seems to do pretty well for both. 

I also suffer from eczema and extremely dry skin, as well as my daughter inherited. 

Other, than overcoming addiction...and a grandmal seizure caused by extreme addiction I think that sums it up.  :P

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