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Well I'll start off saying this is my first post ever... so if I'm doing stuff wrong then TS :P 


However, my question is regarding Pamelor (nortriptyline - generic name).  It is also listed as Aventyl but I've never heard that name.  I just started this drug two days ago, and I'm already having a few irritating side effects.  I'm having a lot of dizziness, but despiate that my hands are "weak" numb and un coordinated.  I noticed this extremely because I work at a desk for my job.  Well I was looking this up online & I know it's one of the side effects...but does the feelings in my hands go away?  I know when I was on the topamax it caused a tingling (like your extremities were asleep) but it went away w/ increased usage.    My second question is I found a study online by the FDA, that said the numbness and tingling is caused by taking otc vitamin supplements with the Pamelor, in which I take Vitamin B complex and Vitamin D.  I also drink a vitamin filled protein drink every morning.  I wanted to know if anyone has stopped taking the vitamin and it fixed the problem (b/c blantely this fn sucks). 

But on the other side, I have mood rate disorders, including extreme anixety,  depression, ADHD & ADD.  It does seem to be helping these...as I was able to concentrate much better at work than before (due to my ADHD I'm rarley ever able to concentrate). 

Thanks so much.

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Hi, and welcome. I've been taking nortriptyline for about 6 months and I can't say I've experienced those particular effects, though to be honest I also started lithium several months ago so I no longer remember which caused what. I have found the nortriptyline to be very helpful after years of SSRIs and various other things. Since it's only been two days on the drug for you, you probably want to give it more time if you can. I hope it works out for you and the side effects end up being manageable.

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