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I'm new. From midwestern United States. 24, been struggling with PTSD, depression and social anxiety since I can remember. Recently had a few traumatic events in my life which has made everything much worse. Also living in a new city with no one I know, trying to go to school and take care of myself. Finding it difficult. New symptoms that have been bothering me a lot. Looking for a treatment team but it is hard for me to trust. Also trying to find support groups. It's hard having to admit to myself that I need a lot of help, even with ordinary things. Even though I have been dealing with my - illnesses - for all of my adult life I still get frustrated at myself both for trying too hard and not trying enough... if that makes sense. Anyway, that's me.

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Welcome to our happy home!  I ask all new members to read the rules, just so you understand how we operate.


Please contact a mod if you have any questions.


I hope that hanging out here is a good thing for you, and that you meet some other young people in your situation.  We have a lot of students, and lots of people living on their own for the first time.  You'll find some friends here, I bet!



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Welcome fellow midwesterner!

I know how hard it can be trying to find help, especially in a new place, try to keep in mind sometimes it takes a few trys to find the right fit.

As far as a support group goes.. you have definitely found yourself a group of very supportive people here at Crazyboards.

Look forward to hearing how you are doing : )

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