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Worried about friends

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Hey guys, i've had these 2 friends for a year or so, and i'm starting to worry that they no longer like me. I mean, it's my mind telling me this stuff, but I'm just worried. I know my friends love me, but i cant get it out of my mind that they hate me. They even consider me their "bro". Me and this one guy go and do stuff all the time, i could even consider this a bromance with him... But my mind just tells me "they hate you, you said something dumb, etc." and when i send them texts and they dont respond for 4 minutes or more i start to panic. Anyone else having these problems?

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Extra info, just recently one of the people in our little group got kicked out for a certain reason, and i havent talked to him since because I dont like him anymore. Earlier today me and my friend were just joking around and laughing and stuff. It's just an emotional roller coaster...

And I'm afraid if i bring it up with him, he's gonna think im stupid or weird or something...

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It does sound like a self-esteem issue that could probably best be dealt with in therapy.


Try positive self-talk.  Whenever you find your mind saying, "they don't like me", say right back "yes they do" and provide yourself with examples of how you know they like you.  It might even help to write down reasons you know they like you.

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