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drug interaction and med switch

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Hello, I was prescribed Seroquel and am d/c risperidone.  It is dangerous having two AP's in the system at the same?  Because I would like to not take any AP for this first night and start with my Seroquel dosing tomorrow night.  Would still having risperidone in my system for this night be dangerous if I were to start my Seroquel dosing tonight?  Reason I ask is I was on Invega in the past and I tried switching to Geodon.  And by having those two meds in my system at the same time caused horrible drug interaction I think its called prolonged QT interval.  I had irregular heartbeat and I could not sleep.  

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We aren't doctors here, but what I can say is your doctor is aware of your meds and interactions and wouldn't put meds together that would interact in a negative way. I would follow the doctors orders and if you feel strange or wrong, contact your doctor or go to an E.R.

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