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My med cocktail and wondering if it could help

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I've been on a crapload of medications in the past year, they are all listed in my forum signature, I was wondering if they should be helping my depression and motivation, because right now I just feel like crap. Agitated, anxious, unmotivated, just blah. So, specifically, is the geodon and lithium making me more unmotivated? I know for a fact the prozac is doing jack because I've been on it for a year and it hasn't helped at all. Can I just have some advice, has any of these meds ever helped you?

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Unfortunately I am not familiar with many of those meds and I am mostly familiar with strictly BP drugs based on US names. Other stuff like ADD (concerta) and other conditions, generics not so much .. Mainly not sure what vistaril or eskalith are. I will pry spend time googling after posting because this stuff always interests me. 


All I know is I never thought I would need more than one pill. I can't see my life with less than I have now. I also believe my dosages still need to be tweaked. That means even with this cocktail I am not a "productive member of society" but eventually have hopes I could be again. Before this exact cocktail I actually gave up any hope of EVER being able to work or be useful again. 


It also took multiple inpatient hospitlizations, being brutally honest with many doctors, and not always going with what they say. I did A TON of research on BP myself. I mean it was my life, 8 hours a day, for 4 months in a row. I knew damn well what meds would treat exactly what symptoms I had. If it had not been for that self education it would of taken many more years to find half the cocktail I have. The doctors try throwing shit at me that makes me MORE psychotic not less, and still try, even when I continue to insist I will become psychotic on certain medicines. It's as if they don't believe me. It is MY JOB as a patient to make it clear to them I don't care what they think - I know my body, and will only take medications I agree on. I do not ever go and BLINDLY take medications "just because" a doctor told me to. 


A great deal of my knowledge was learned here. The rest was through hours and hours of Googling. You will get better if you are serious about it and put the effort into it. 


My goal ? In 3 years be working stabily, cleared up financial mess, and my relationship issues addresses fully with my understanding how to handle one properly. 

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I'm on lithium (Eskalith) and Concerta. They do both help me, yes, although they aren't magic pills and I'm not 100% symptoms free.


I have no way to tell if any of your meds are exacerbating your symptoms but I will say that many times I've blamed the meds for what I'm experiencing when really it is just the illness. Either way, it's clear that your meds aren't giving you sufficient relief from these symptoms.


Do you have a pdoc appointment booked soon? 

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Why are you focusing on the lithium and Geodon in particular?


Has your anxiety improved on the buspar? How about the vistaril? Buspar didn't help with anxiety for me, and anxiety burns up a lot of energy, I am always the most tired when anxious. Buspar is hit or miss, it works or it doesn't work at all, at least in most of the people we have seen on CBs.


Vistaril is just an anti-histamine that has a side-effect of lessening anxiety in some, but not all people.  Haven't used it.


Lithium and prozac both can have side effects of apathy, so your guess is as good as mine. Lithium has really helped me a great deal, and is a pretty good med. Is there a specific reason you feel the prozac isn't working? Prozac made me manic, and while that happens, it by no means happens to most people


Geodon made me agitated and physically sick. For some people on here, it has worked really well, so you can't really go by my experience alone.


Concerta I know nothing about.


How much time passed before each med was added on?


Also, isn't prozac also used for anxiety? I believe a lot of SSRIs are.

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I think its takes a lot of back and forth to get the right drug(s), doses and schedual.  I'm at the point where I'm ok depression wise.  Anxiety is not happening all the time (and its random)   On that I have the (As needed solution) so I'm "ok"


This might be sort of OCD stuff but I think you pick something and focus on finding a solution that you can live with (Side effects and such)   Then move to the next thing.  When you move to the next thing you make sure it doesn't goof up the previous problem.    I'm astonished how the system works.  I've had doctors that are like submarines.  They up parascope for 3 seconds fire a torpedo or 2 or 3 then submerge and assume the problem is solved. 


My current doctor must have taken some kind of engineering or science classes where you change things one at a time, test and repeat.  Some doctors are all "art" and not much science.  A mix is what you want (I think)  On the other hand I hate being switched around too much.  Some of this stuff seems to take an awfully long time to start working. 

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