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" Losing " Myself While At Work

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I am a business professional with a financial processing job that can be very challenging at times and at other times, it can be repetitive. 

Lately, I have found myself dissociating while doing the repetitive part of my work. I have made enough errors while doing this that my manager has put me on a different project for awhile. 

I also have inattentive ADHD.


Does anyone have any ideas that can help me be more present in the moment while doing repetitive tasks? 



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I do this too, I get so absorbed in a repetitive task that I lose myself completely and my dissociation has a field day (but I do have depersonalisation disorder and I do this whilst watching tv, so nothing out the ordinary for me...)


I set myself alarms around the house, they 'snap me out' so long as its just the beginning and I haven't been sat disassociating for hours. I set them every 15mins. But at work you may not be able to do this. 


I'm sorry I don't have any other ideas. I can't use my phone alarm at work, but I'm stood up or walking around for 13 hours so the pain in my legs and feet kind of makes me have to disassociate and I don't think I could stay completely me and concious my job! :-/

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I like using mindfulness to try to focus on the present.


For example, you could focus on the physical feeling as you move your arms during the task.  You could observe what colors you see and what noises you hear around you.


Also, strong sensations seem to help me.  If I get a quick break, I will wash my hands or take sips of very cold water-- anything that will help me feel more awake.


I hope others have some good suggestions.

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The scents is a good idea, I might also try it. I know my depersonalisation disorder specialist I saw said to keep a grounding object, she used a dice but I have a pebble that is really rough on one side and smooth on the other, it sits comfortably in my hand and fits in my pocket. I always look and feel that when I'm on my break or if I'm going off on one. It helps me to realise I am real, I am here and I'm not dreaming or living someone else's life.

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